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Mabolgampau - School Sports Day 07.06.2017 @ 1pm - 07 June 2017

The weather is showing promising for our school sports day on Wednesday. Please see the document below for your child's team colour. Your child will need a coat in case it's a little cold and suitable trainers to take part. All pupils will sit with their team and will not be allowed to the stands to sit with parents. It is recommended that you give your child a bottle of water to take with him/her to the sports field. Mae'r tywydd yn edrych yn addawol ar gyfer mabolgampau dydd Mercher. Gwelir y dogfen islaw am lliw eich plentyn ar gyfer y diwrnod. Bydd angen cot rhag ofn ei fod yn oer a trainers I gymryd rhan. Bydd pob disgybl yn eistedd efo'i dim ar y diwrnod a ni chaniateir iddo crwydro. Danfonwch potel dwr i'r ysgol ar gyfer eich plentyn os gwelwch yn dda.

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